Award winning retail analytics

Viewsy is a platform for improving retail business performance by analysing in-store customer behaviour.

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Best in class performance management & customer behaviour tracking

Viewsy is a location analytics and performance management solution focused on helping retailers modernise store operations and reporting. Through the use of in-store wifi sensor technology, point of sale data, camera feeds, bluetooth beacon technology and our powerful data analysis engine, Viewsy reports in real-time on customer behaviour data such as dwell time, visitor footfall, street traffic and sales conversion in real-time, enabling marketers and operations managers to improve queue management, store location selection and performance reporting via its management platform.

Accurate, real-time footfall tracking

Using Viewsy allows you to understand how many people visit your stores and when, which means you can optimise staffing needs and lower costs.

Beautiful automated reporting

Viewsy collects your data and presents it in professionally designed reports sent to your email and mobile friendly dashboards making all your information accessible and easy to interpret at any moment.

Realtime queue management

Viewsy lets you know if a queue is building up and how long customers are waiting, in real-time, so you can take action to ensure customers don’t leave your stores with a bad experience.

Street traffic conversion management

Gain a clear picture of how many people pass by your store and what percentage of them you are able to get into the store, allows you to easily test and optimise your marketing campaigns to get the best return on investment.

Mobile empowered workforce

Equip operational and management staff with data on the go, powering a data driven culture. Real-time performance tracking will enable more informed decision making on the store floor and in the boardroom.

Dwell times & heatmaps

Viewsy provides heat maps and customer dwell times, allowing you to understand how visitors travel through your stores and what parts of the store they find most engaging. 

Mats Stigzelius, TrueSkin CEO

“Viewsy has resulted in a 15% increase in sales, we didn't realise we needed it but now we can’t live without it!”

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Modern. Retail. Insights

What you measure you can manage

   Improve store customer experience
   Improve sales conversion rates
   Reduce staff costs
   Report on & track business performance
   Reduce location selection risk
   Increase store traffic

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Setting up shop with Viewsy

1. Capture

In-store behaviour sensors are installed by our qualified engineers. No IT department required.

2. Analyse

Data is transmitted and analysed by our predictive engine in real-time.

3. Apply

Insights & reports are accessed via web dashboard & mobile app. Apply insights to empower data driven decision making

4. Review

Review business results & repeat the process.



Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and empower teams across the business with the data and intelligence to make the most effective decisions.

Monitor and report on trends across your estate. Reduce organisational risk by making data backed decisions on everything from site selection to rationalisation, whilst improving awareness of store estate performance with our modern and real-time retail reporting solution.



Keep customers at the heart of every decision while coordinating teams from across the business to implement strategic initiatives and directing investments.

Optimise conversion rates, track store operations in real-time, unite reporting, manage queues, deploy staff across your store in real-time using our predictive engine.



Develop and manage engaging marketing strategies that meet business objectives, using best in class tools that support an omni-channel strategy.

Make the most of your budget by measuring the impact of your campaigns on store traffic. Track window display effectiveness and brand awareness in relation to passing street traffic.

Shop Managers

Shop Managers

Use the power of data to drive growth in your store, motivate your team and create the ideal customer experience. Viewsy lets you receive performance data in real-time via mobile, optimise staffing hours and increase sales conversions. 

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